How to make an efficient clean before Easter

I bet you’ve already had the thought of cleaning your home for the Easter holidays and you secretly wish you could skip that unpleasant part because along with all the inspirational feelings spring brings, there’s also some small laziness that is typical for the season. Despite that, this Christian holiday does require preparations including doing a tidy up. You could do it just like a general clean of the main areas or just the main rooms – the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and the hallway. Or you could do it more thoroughly and clean everywhere. The sooner you do it, the sooner it will get off your shoulders.

The best plan is to make a list of tasks of what has to be done and to focus on the areas that are of desperate need of cleaning. If you don’t have a regular cleaner, or if you don’t clean frequently, you will definitely have some dusty areas. It is good to disinfect the bathroom and the kitchen, especially if you have small kids. And as you know, the floors tend to be covered in bacteria, so when mopping them, don’t use only water, but also some detergent. Before mopping the floors, however, I always first vacuum them (even if they’re tiled). Thus, any small rubbish will be removed and you won’t wonder how to clean it with the mop. It takes a bit longer, but it’s quite effective.

Don’t forget to dust everywhere and open the windows for a while so the air can circulate. It will totally change the way your home looks. The rooms will look fresh and tidy, and you will be ready to place the Easter decorations (if you tend to place such).