Mould Cleaning in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, one of the main issues that might occur would the mould growth. The high humidity and also the higher temperature in this premise, might be a certain cause for mould appearence. Usually the first sign for a mildew are the black spots to be seen in the corners of the bathroom. It is very important to follow strict procedures, especially if you are leaving a rented property at the end of tenancy period.

The fungus issue is not just a matter of esthetic appearance, it can be also a big danger, especially if there are small children living in the property. It is proved that the mould is among the most serious and dangerous allergens. Over 40 percent of the people having allergies in general are allergic towards mould. Especially this is valid for the small children, where the persentage goes up to 80. If the allegy is left untreated it can easily turn into heart-decesases and mostly asthma.

The mould loves the moist

The mould could grow in every single room, where the moist level is high. This is the reason why the bathroom is the most common room where some fungus is to be seen.

How to remove mould

Before you start the fight against the mould, buying a protective facial mask and rubber gloves is a must. As it was already mentioned above, the mould might become a reason for allergic reactions even with people, who never suffered from allergies in the past. You may also check some of the leading tenancy cleaning agencies in London and Greater London.

Cleaning mould could be done with the usage of specialized detergents, that are easy to be found in the local stores and supermarkets. Before you start per-spraying the mouldy patches, you should carefully read the label of the solution you have decided to use, as some of the chemicals, may contain pesticides and for this reason the access of your child or a pet must be temporary restricted.

Cleaning up mould available resources

For the housewives who do not appreciate the usage of chemicals there is a way to cope with the mould also thanks to natural solutions. You can use only alcohol and sponge or piece of soft cloth. The alcohol is having the feature to extract moist and without the moist the mould simply cannot exsist. The alcohol also disinfects the surfaces.

A good helper for a housewife in her rebel against the mould is also the bleach. This cleaning solution is suitable only if the mould has recently appeared and the walls are white.